Do you know what you have, and do you have what you need?

Life Insurance

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Life Insurance for Individuals and Families (2.5 min)
Life Insurance for Businesses (2 min)

Life insurance has evolved from the most simple of term life policies to complex cash value policies with disability and long term care riders.  Properly funded cash value life insurance policies can play a valuable role in family and estate planning, taking income out of the tax cycle, to business and succession planning.


Linda Thalheimer has been specializing in insurance since the year 2000.  With over 30 years of experience as a health care professional, insurance agent and licensed insurance adviser, Linda helps people evaluate what they have, and what they need.  Her knowledge and experience in understanding medical and contract language help you get what you want at the best rating with the best pricing with the best companies.


Are you are relying on your one times salary for your life insurance needs? Standard recommendation is 10x salary and insurance companies will pay up to the number of remaining working years.  The only good thing about not having life insurance when you die, as a primary bread winner, is not being around to see the devastation you’ve left behind.

Adequate monetary funds are the difference between your family being able to move forward and a lifetime of financial struggle. Life insurance works best in conjunction with wills and trusts so that you can direct how the funds from your life insurance will be utilized. 


Most people underestimate the need of insurance for the primary caregiver.  Taking care of children is a full time job and replacing a caregiver, driver, housekeeper, and cook is expensive.  Additional funds are often needed for additional emotional support, as well.  Life insurance is imperative for the primary caregiver.


Life insurance plays an important role in transferring assets tax free to heirs or charities and reducing the taxable estate.  Life insurance is an effective method to pass family properties to future generations.  Summer homes are intended for providing a lifetime of happy family memories but if future generations are unable to sustain the property equally, this can create significant family tension instead.  Use of life insurance in trusts can provide directives for maintaining properties in the family, optimizing the plan for family sharing and happy memories.


The first step is helping you to understand the protection your existing insurance provides and advising you on options that meet you needs.  Linda is dedicated to helping people protect what is most important, and providing the most comprehensive, cost-effective options to meet your goals.