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Linda Thalheimer, LIA, CLTC, OTR/L, MHA

27 Peterson Road, Natick, MA 01760

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Linda is a Licensed Insurance Adviser (LIA) specializing in life, disability and long term care insurance. She has over 30 years experience in the healthcare and insurance industries as both a therapist and insurance agent. She is an independent insurance agent who routinely partners with financial planners, estate attorneys and CPA’s to provide clients with optimal financial plans, packages and solutions.

Linda has an undergraduate degree in Occupational Therapy from Tufts University and a master’s degree in Health Care Administration. This has given Linda the unique experience of working from both the patient care and claims viewpoint as well as from the insurance sales prospective. Because of this background she not only is better able to pair individuals and companies with the most cost-effective policies, but she can also find the insurers most likely willing to approve and underwrite her clients. She is able to talk the medical language necessary with underwriters resulting in her being able to fight efficiently for better ratings and appeals.

Linda started her insurance career in 2000 as a long term care insurance specialist and quickly recognized the need to become an expert in life insurance as well.
She has hundreds of hours of related financial training and is a well published public speaker.

With the complexities of insurance contract language, it is far too easy for people to be manipulated when purchasing insurance products. This may be because many insurance agents are not familiar with contract language or receive their training from glossy folders and sales presentations.  On the contrary, Linda
is very protective of her clients. She differentiates herself in her attention to detail, understanding of contract language and her unbiased commitment to her clients. Consequently, Linda's clients end up having the insurance policies they need based on their unique requirements. 

In addition, as a licensed insurance adviser, Linda can provide fee-based private consultation on insurance products so that clients can get the unbiased information they need. She
provides information, consultation and policy reviews for clients to make informed decisions.  Linda can offer quote comparisons on over 20 A+ and better rated companies, based on the health, age, marital status, and goals of clients.

When working with employers and association groups, Linda appreciates the important role they play and will actively participate in
educating their members on insurance options and risk management.  Linda can offer group insurance policies with discounts, often with reduced underwriting for easier approvals.

Honest, ethical, diligent and extremely knowledgeable; these are the values and strengths that Linda provides for all her clients.

Mission Statement


  • To provide advising and reviews of existing policies to insure people have what they think they have and what they need.
  • To educate about solutions for Long Term Care, Life and Disability.
  • To provide competitive unbiased quotes.
  • To be a resource for financial planners, CPA’s and estate attorneys.
  • To work as a partner with other professionals to optimize the financial outcomes of clients.
  • To provide businesses with options and successful enrollments of life, disability and/or long term care insurance educational and benefit programs.


"Linda has proven her competency many times over. She immediately became my “go-to” person to decipher legalese in tax code and other such documents. Linda always showed her integrity and honesty when it came to making sure the client got the product that made the most sense for them rather than the one that might net her a higher commission.

Cathy Jarvis, Long Term Care Specialist

“Linda has been helpful to be from the beginning of my career. She mentored me when I had questions and she helped me with clients when I was not licensed or versed in certain types of insurance.  I would not hesitate to refer Ms. Thalheimer to any of my clients or perspective clients.”

Alan Regensburger

“I was very impressed with your knowledge and hopefully we will be able to both benefit by working together."

David J. Reinherz, Loan Officer, Dynamic Capital Mortgage


“I really appreciate your time and patience in going through everything…’s a good thing when one doesn’t have buyer’s remorse the next day . . .I think that means you’ve found your niche and are doing a good thing for the world.”

Thanks, Lynne


“Your expertise and product knowledge is unsurpassed.”

Thanks, Todd


“It has been a pleasure to have your clear, informed presentations as we proceeded along the Long Term Care highway.  You have been generous with your time, answering questions and meeting with us.”

Best, Cheryl

Academic Degrees


Linda solely authored the chapter "Geriatric Rehabilitation", in the seminal book, Aging in Good Health, published by Springer Publishing Co. (2000)

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